Hi Nick,
Ken Wilkey

Thanks Ken….

Yes! I agree that ultimately serving the diner is the most important thing a restaurant or reservations system can do. Since I own both, that’s something we both focus on and struggle to do. A few notes on your ideas:

  • Guaranteeing for a specific table is difficult in an a la carte restaurant b/c other guests can linger. For special experiences, however, it’s built into Tock as a system… for example, at the Aviary we sell our kitchen table and you get exactly that table.
  • Guest notes surface in Tock in multiple ways, including the ability to be printed on paper (not an insignificant option even in 2018). We also allow restaurants to send guest questions via email prior to their visit and to customize those forms to get as detailed as they are willing and able.
  • the bottle of wine / champagne etc. can be purchased ahead through Tock as well. Heck, we even sell about 30 books per day via Tock for our restaurants… and those are signed and personalized as desired.

Appreciate you taking the time to write!