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“Altman’s Last Stand” — Here’s the Opportunity.

Franz Altman is a survivor. At the mighty age of 90, he’s lived a life that most of us can only dream of. He’s been analyzed by Freud, rubbed shoulders with the greats, romanced many beautiful women and has lived through the 20th century’s greatest triumphs and most staggering atrocities. Now he finds himself having to defend the thing he holds dearest to his heart — his midtown Manhattan shop, King Solomon’s Treasure — in what he calls his “last stand” against the greedy developers and dark forces of the world that have tested him throughout his life.

“Altman’s Last Stand” is a story of perseverance, Jewish identity and what it means to Franz Altman to have been an outsider all of his life. Though we may not all share Altman’s personal history, we can all relate to his story. His tale is a universal one. That is why we are asking for your help in bringing the American premiere of “Altman’s Last Stand” to life. With just a little bit of help from each and every one of you, we can raise enough money to do justice to “Altman’s Last Stand”, creating what will be an unforgettable night of theatergoing!

With the goal we’ve set, we plan to bring you the most moving,dynamic, and immersive theatrical experience possible. We want to bring you into the world of King Solomon’s Treasure itself, and to do that the list of what we need is significant. We need to rent a theatre, hire the best key people at all levels, and ultimately fill seats — no easy feat! We are well on the way to all of this, and with your help we will put “Altman’s Last Stand” over the top — artistically and creatively.The bottom line is this: with your generosity, we can bring “Altman’s Last Stand” to as large an audience as possible, and present the play the way it was meant to be seen.

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