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2 Books to Read to start 2018 Off Right

Reading is life.

You know this.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

But what to read?

There are so many good books out there, and sadly we can never read them all.

But we can read a few books — and we should make sure that they’re good books, so let’s look at three books that are worth reading.

48 Laws Of Power

Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power is a masterpiece. The cover in itself is magnificent, and the principles and ideas laid out in the book are nothing short of magnificent. Greene figured out these ideas while watching a lot of them play out in day-to-day life in Hollywood.

Getting rejected on a daily basis, dealing with assholes and being the victim of power-moves, he decided to put them in a book, and this book is the outcome. If you’ve ever wondered how the world works. As in, how it actually works. Read this book.

Using examples from history Greene lays out 48 principles of what works and what doesn’t in a world driven by power, fear and greed — the real world. Greene doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He calls it as he sees it. But the most interesting thing in the book, might be the historical examples. If you’re curious to learn how power has played out throughout history — from ancient Egypt to modern day America — then you’re going to love this book.

If you want to start your 2018 right — read this book.

Ego Is the Enemy

Ryan Holiday is one of my absolute favorite writers. Ego is the enemy is his best book to date. Detailing how our ego trips ourselves up on a daily basis, Holiday tells the story of Ego throughout the ages, and illustrates how we can sometimes be our own worst enemy — and what to do about it. This book is powerful, because it leaves the reader with a lesson in humility — something that I sorely needed. The reason why it makes this exclusive list is because the lessons in here are so powerful, and applies to almost everyone.

It’s not a question of having whether or not you have a big ego — it’s a matter of the fact that you probably have a big ego by default. Most people are not humble — I am certainly no exception — and the key idea in Ego is The Enemy is that we need to own up to that fact, and realize that we can improve so much more swallow our pride. If we are willing to start with a beginner’s mind in more of life’s aspects, then we will be able to make that much more progress, that much more quickly.

If you want to start your 2018 right, then you can’t do much better than reading these two books.

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