The Rauschmonstrum Watches Jesus Bless the Children

This post originally appears as a chapter in my book The Gospel of the Rauschmonstrum.

The people around were bringing little children to Jesus, that he should touch them and put his blessings on them, but the disciples rebuked those who were bringing them to him.

But when Jesus saw it, he was moved with indignation, and said to them, “Allow the little children to come to me! Don’t forbid them, for God’s Kingdom belongs to such as these. Most certainly I tell you, whoever will not receive God’s Kingdom like a little child, he will in no way enter into it.” He took them in his arms, and blessed them.

“Smart move by the Nazarene,” thought the Rauschmonstrum. “For what can be better for a religion than to claim gullibility to be a virtue?”

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