Intro To Me

Well I guess it wouldn’t be fair to assume anyone would read this without giving a little information about ME. My name is Nick Leach, as it states above. I’m 25 years old, from Atlanta, GA, caucasian, love long walks on the beach, wait.. wrong website. But seriously: I’m a father, a husband, a musician, and a wannabe programmer.

I currently reside in Duluth, GA with my beautiful wife. Together we have a 3 year old son, a dog, a cat, and another child on the way.

I’m a musician at heart, I’m in an original rock band in which I play guitar, sing, play keys, write a majority of the music, record, produce, mix and master it all, and pretty much do a little of everything.

Currently, I’m embarking on what is sure to be a life-changing experience of learning what it takes to be a Front-End Engineer through the Iron Yard Academy. So far it has been an exciting and mentally stimulating experience. Every day has brought new and unique challenges, yet I’ve loved every second. I’ll write more on how I got there in the next post.

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