How Corrugated Packaging is shaking up the British Beer Industry

Despite the highly competitive US market, a British beer company has made its mark with consumers across the pond, and all through the use of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Samuel Smith, a well-established brewery in the UK market, have tapped into the growing interest in British goods in the US, to produce an innovative corrugated transit packaging that delivers performance-wise and as an effective marketing tool. In the US, ‘Made in Britain’ products, and brands that embody a traditionally British character, are becoming increasingly popular. As such, Samuel Smith created corrugated shelf ready packaging (SRP), with a unique, traditional design, in order to stand out and instantly present their brand identity, without having to layer the bottles in additional packaging.

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The transit packaging will be immediately recognisable at goods inwards, with its colourful and decorative design. Samuel Smith have taken advantage of four-colour printing and have displayed images of shire horses pulling drays, for its full range of bottled beers and ciders. Not only has this made the transit packaging a good brand identifier, it’s also allowed the British brewery to cost-effectively maximise their products’ shelf appeal, specifically for the US market. Through the use of innovative coloured packaging, they have optimised their transit packaging and created a more premium product that embodies their heritage and success as a British manufacturer.

Why choose corrugated packaging?

Corrugated cardboard is one of the most versatile and sustainable forms of transit packaging available, which has made it a popular choice for businesses across a range of sectors but especially in the food and beverages market. Corrugated cardboard is a hygienic, strong, durable material which is key in protecting fragile beers when shipped overseas. Additionally, as a natural, flexible packaging, it can be easily stored and recycled, giving businesses the opportunity to streamline and improve their operations.

By designing corrugated cardboard transit packaging as a primary, branded packaging, companies like Samuel Smith are able to increase efficiencies in the supply chain, as well as additionally market themselves in an individual way. Samuel Smith have doubled up the function of their transit packaging, in order to highlight the high quality of their beer and their reputation as an established, yet innovative brewery, willing to explore and adapt to new markets.

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