Start Celebrating

How did we start celebrating?

Here is a Corgi in a hat. Please read my post

Today we celebrate almost everything, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and even national (Coffee, Face your fear, etc) days. It’s an important and fun part of our daily lives and sometimes there’s cake. With the end of the year coming up, I think it’s important to look over everything you’ve accomplished because let’s face it…’re awesome. Egos aside let’s start at the beginning and look at the history of celebrating.

Egyptians were the first to turn up.

I think I see Kanye

As soon as Pharaohs were crowned they would be seen as gods. So the day they were crowned became more important than their actual birthday. Egyptologists believe that they would celebrate their “crowning day” rather than their birth into the world. The first recorded mention of a celebration was around 3,000 B.C.E.

pop that bubbly

Why do we celebrate?

This is the most important (and fun) part. We celebrate because we’ve accomplished something great. An athlete celebrates because they helped the team, fans celebrate because their team did something, someone in sales celebrates because they made a huge sale and a company celebrates this huge sale together. It’s a great big, fun chain of celebration.

beast mode
Doesn’t that look fun?
Ray Lewis’s reaction to everything

We celebrate because we know that our accomplishments affect others around us. Don’t get me wrong, we also celebrate because we’ve accomplished something personally but doesn’t it feel better when you celebrate with your team, friends, family, and co-workers?

He really likes dinosaurs

I have the honor of working with many driven individuals who are always striving to reach the next level in their careers. High achievers always seem to be “forward thinkers” that always strive to make themselves better. It lights the whole office and motivates people to be the best.

It’s not always so easy, some people see their goal as unreachable. There’s this theory that’s called “The Dangling Carrot Syndrom”, which happens to a lot of people with a goal in mind. Basically the person feels that whenever they reach for their goal, something or someone pulls the carrot away.

Just look at that face, that's his “I’m going to murder you one day” face

Don’t be played for a fool. You know your potential and you know that with hard work and determination that you’ll reach your goal. Don’t let anyone “dangle” a reward only to pull it away. You have your accomplishments and nobody can take that (carrot) away.

So what’s the point of this blog?

I want you to celebrate.

Celebrations come in every size. It might be a small arm pump or a full blown body celebration, but what celebrations really show is how you feel at that moment.

Heck Yeah
F*%k Yeah

All accomplishments deserve a celebration, big or small.

The next time you make a sale, reach a goal or hit a whole number at the gas station (you know it’s satisfying) celebrate.

Ain’t that sweet

We deserve it. After all, we worked hard.