20 Creative Ways To Say Thank You to Your Seasonal Workers

Seasonal workers are essential to a lot of businesses.

They enable business owners to meet a growing demand for their services, without requiring year-round work.

But because they aren’t full-time workers, it’s easy to overlook their contributions. This year, implement these 20 ways to say thank you, especially at the end of the season.

Leaving your business on a good note will make it much more likely that the best workers continue to return to your business year after year, supporting your company’s long-term growth.

1. Write A Handwritten Note

In the days of emails and texts, a thoughtful, handwritten note goes a long way. Take the time to list the contributions of seasonal workers, especially during the busiest part of the high season. Express that, without their contributions, the business just couldn’t run.

2. Plan An End-of-Season Meal

A lot of business owners choose to bring all their workers together for an end-of-season meal. It doesn’t have to be fancy — a simple pub lunch or even an outdoor picnic brings closure to the season. During the event, make sure to thank everyone, both publically and one-on-one.

3. Share A Monetary Bonus

Seasonal workers need to dedicate all of their energy to their job during a short season. They always appreciate a small bonus at the end of their time with your business. It reflects a sense of gratitude for their efforts, and makes employees feel appreciated.

4. Support Peer-to-Peer Praise

Create a system for regular peer-to-peer praise. You can even set up a “compliments box” in your office, where people can anonymously acknowledge the awesome work of their coworkers. At the end of a shift or an all-hands meeting, share them with staff.

5. Give References

Many seasonal employees are students or young professionals who aspire toward year-round work. One of the best things you can do is give references for these employees on their job searches. Whether through a written reference, or a phone call, this “thank you” makes a big difference in the life of employees.

6. Make Job Offers for Next Season

When you know exactly what your needs are for the next season, let the workers know ASAP. Giving advanced job offers is respectful and appreciative of your employees’ contributions — plus, it gets everyone excited for the next go!

7. Boost Their Confidence

Does something stand out about each of your seasonal workers? Everyone has personal and professional strengths. By pointing them out to your employees every day, you can help give them the confidence to move forward.

8. Start a Wall of Fame

Adding a “wall of fame” to your business or restaurant brings a personal touch. It humanizes a company, reminding customers that they’re dealing with people.

Plus, choosing one individual to go on the wall of fame every season brings a sense of excitement and recognition. Even though you’re honoring one person, it creates a feeling of community.

9. Plan a Costume Party

There are goofy ways to say thank you, and they can be really fun! This year, ask your employees to pick a theme and plan a costume party. You or a manager can judge the event and pick the person (or group) with the best costume.

10. Take Part In Personal Celebrations

When a staff member has a big personal milestone, like a birthday or a graduation, celebrate it with the team. Even sharing a plate of store-bought biscuits signals appreciation and gratitude.

11. Thank Family and Friends

During the high season, it’s not only the workers who make sacrifices. When everyone else is on vacation, employees show up every day and give their best efforts. Make sure to thank family and friends of workers when you see them — their support makes it all possible.

12. Create Time to Say Goodbye

Not only do you need to say goodbye to your workers, they need to say goodbye to each other and their favorite customers. This year, give seasonal employees the opportunity to say farewell with extra time.

13. Keep in Touch

For a lot of seasonal employees, keeping in touch during the off-season is the kindest way to say “thank you.” It keeps the interpersonal connection with your business strong, while offering them a sense of continuity even when they’re not at work.

14. Give a Week of Childcare

Imagine if, for the last week of the season, you paid for childcare for your team members? This thoughtful gift gives your workers an extra level of support during a busy time. It also shows them that you understand how challenging it can be to achieve work-life balance.

15. Recognize Staff on Social Media

In the days of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, online recognition goes a long way. Say “thank you” by tagging workers in a post filled with gratitude for a great year.

16. Hire for Off-Season Work

Some seasonal businesses still require a bit of help in the off-season. Rather than tackle off-season projects by yourself, keep a worker on board part-time. Even if it’s for an hour here or there, it can help a local person pay the bills.

17. Free Promotional Merchandise

If you have extra T-shirts from your business or other promotional material, give them to your workers. It’s only fitting that they reflect your brand while they work at your business.

18. Ask for Feedback

The best workers don’t just want a paycheck — they’re invested in the long-term success of the business. When you ask for feedback at the end of the season, it gives your employees an opportunity to contribute their ideas in a meaningful way.

19. Give out Vouchers

Vouchers are a great way to show you’re invested in the staff without giving cash. Think about something universal like an Amazon voucher. Alternatively, you could support a local business like a coffee shop or local pub by buying everyone £10 voucher.

20. Make Superlatives

At an end-of-the-season event, give everyone an award. With funny titles like, “Most Likely to Make Everyone Laugh” or “Kindest Employee,” you can create a culture of camaraderie and appreciation.

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