Contemporary Sanskrit

Towards an improved man and machine connect using Sanskrit

  1. क् is the sound of two alphabets in the language both C and K
  1. Sequence learning by finding an alternative route other than recurrent neural networks in Sanskrit. Sequences in a language are formed based on grammatical rules and from a machine’s perspective, a model of RNN is utilized to train the machine with a large corpus on how the words have been used in the language
  2. Auto-Finding Paninis’ rule: Panini’s (the grammarian who developed the grammar for Sanskrit) gave a set of ~ 4000 rules so that the language is well formed. However, construction of these rules is very difficult and very few in the world know about these rules. Our approach is to use a deep reinforcement learning technique to enable a machine auto-discover those rules. This would enable us to provide intelligence at the core to the machine about formation of languages and tasks like natural language understanding and generation would become trivial for the machine in the environment the machine is placed in




Head of Maker’s Lab (Tech Mahindra’s Thin-q-bator) . NLP/AI enthusiast and practitioner

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Nikhil Malhotra

Nikhil Malhotra

Head of Maker’s Lab (Tech Mahindra’s Thin-q-bator) . NLP/AI enthusiast and practitioner

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