Networking to give, NOT get.

After going to, what feels like, hundreds of networking events/meetings, you start to notice that some people are simply great at networking and others are…

kind of awful…

I’m sure we’ve all met a “business card ninja” at a networking event, throwing their cards around like ninja stars just trying to get their name out and be up in everyone’s business.


If you’re that guy or gal, then let this be a message to you…

You’re pissing people off and you need to STOP.

Seriously though… maybe we can also add a splash of don’t be a jerk or don’t be weird. Just be a human being that talks to other human beings.

Now, besides the various psychological and personality issues people may suffer from or constantly bring into a meeting… for simplicity sake let’s just break it all down to something we’ve all heard before that we can all comprehend.

“ Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

I believe it all starts with your intent… If your intent is to truly help others with a sense of service to them and their business, then you’ll better position yourself as a resource for them because you’re in alliance with their goals.

#FunFact = People love to talk about themselves and it’s a great way to listen for ways you can be a resource for them.

As you learn more, you’ll discover various ways you can help their business. Maybe you can use their product or service or know of another business that would be a great contact for this person to have.

Ask questions like….

  1. What makes you most passionate about what you do?
  2. What’s a great referral for you?
  3. What can I do to help your business?
Meeting someone while networking is only the beginning of the conversation. Start the conversation off on the right foot and you’ll set yourself up for success in future conversations.

Remember when you are networking with the intent to give and serve people rather than take from and satisfy your own selfish needs you’ll meet people in a completely new way.

You’ll find new ways you can both benefit that you may have never been open to had you been selfish in your conversation with them.

Keepin it real!

Nick McGowan

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