Are you truly making the effort to be happy?

Each day we wake up and each night we fall asleep. Within that 16–20 hour span, what do you consistently do that you believe helps you lead a happy life?

It is basically impossible to track your every move each day and even more impossible to track your every thought. Have you ever just tried to keep track of your calories for one day? It’s difficult and for some it can be disappointing. Holding yourself accountable for everything you eat a day can be rewarding as well as upsetting but if you wish to see results with a diet, this type of discipline is important. Staying on top of your nutrition is important for dieting and plenty of people make it work but there are plenty of people who can’t. I believe that this same approach is similar to those who wish for happiness but don’t take any steps towards obtaining it.

Being happy isn’t a right, it’s a reward. You wouldn’t expect to lose weight just for wishing for a six pack would you? So why should you be granted happiness if you live each day in a world of negativity? It is what you do day in and day out that will effect you in a positive way or a negative way. I was given some advice from a friend of mine before I started my career. He said, “This job will enhance your personality in one of two ways. If you’re a nice guy, you’ll be more of a nice guy. If you’re an asshole, you will be more of an asshole”. Your career rests solely on the type of person you wish to be and I relate this a whole lot to life in general. If you wish to be happy and live a life full of great moments and experiences, you are in full control of making that happen.

Every day we make a choice whether or not we want to own the day or let it own us. Whether you woke up late or spilled coffee all over your shirt, your day might not have started the way you would have liked. You have the option of letting that throw off your routine and cause a spiral effect of negativity or you can move on. How you act and react is everything. If you are the type of person who can let a small problem ruin your day, don’t. It’s that simple. Take a breath, dust yourself off and go about your day. That whole, “get knocked down seven, stand up eight” mantra isn’t just for big problems or experiences. If anything it is meant more towards those little issues that you have each day that are trying to throw you out of your rhythm.

If you had to look back at yesterday, what is your routine like? Do you remember a time in the day where you felt extremely happy? I am sure you can recall a moment where you may have been pissed off or upset. Why is it so easy for us to let any type of negative experience play such a major part in our day? I try to look at the positive in every situation I am presented with and just like everyone else I have my share of bad moments that are overwhelming. My solution to these type of situations may not be the same for you but it is worth a try.

Each day I try to focus on any one particular moment where I am in full control of what I am doing and how I feel. An example of this can be every time I say good bye to my wife I tell her that I love her. At that moment, even though sometimes it may feel routine, it is a moment where I am making a conscious effort to share a positive message. Another time, even though new to me and one I wish to never take for granted is being able to hold my son. At that particular moment I know that nothing else matters but being presently engaged in his life. These types of moments help me make it through my day. Maybe your happy moments are exercising, eating, or just spending time with your family. Three things I too enjoy. These are the moments you look forward to each day that help the day feel just a little bit better.

Finding time in your day to do anything seems to be difficult in today’s world. Yet, so many of us find time to procrastinate and complain about our day. I know it may be very hard for some of you to admit this but we are all guilty. A great way to see how guilty is to time yourself and your time spent scrolling through social media. Some of you will make yourself sick looking at this time spent but it is well worth it. Now take that same amount of time and apply it to something in your life that makes you happy. Something that you enjoy so much that when you are doing it, nothing else matters.

I believe that no one should live their lives doing things to just help the time pass. Showing up for a job that you hate where you are only counting down the minutes to leave is terrible. Yet, many people approach their day with that same attitude. I am not telling you to quit your job and find something that makes you happy. Yes, that sounds ideal but not realistic for many who have families, mortgages, and bills to pay.

What I am offering for you is to find a moment in your day, any moment, and do your best to enjoy it. If you can do that I promise you it will act as a domino effect. One moment will turn into many and before you know it, you won’t have any room in your day for negativity.