The Top 3 Ways to Write a “Top 3 Things” Article

After nearly a decade of experimentation, I have developed the winning formula for writing amazing “Top 3 Things” content. I promise you will see massive results if you commit to this game-changing system:

1) Write a headline that includes the words “The Top 3 Things that…” followed by the topic you are writing about — it’s really important to use the number 3, not “three” spelled out (this is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to achieve maximum clickabilitiness — remember, it’s all about clickabilitiness).

2) Pick 3 things that relate to the subject of the headline — don’t think too much, thinking just limits your thoughts.

3) Write somewhere between 354–812 words about those three things — make sure to use a few big words like “utilize,” “scalable,” and “solutions.”

Good luck.