A few years ago, Elder Uchtdorf wrote this awesome talk that I found while I was working on my New Year’s Resolutions called “Of Regrets and Resolutions”. It helped give me some perspective in the new year and I’m hoping it will help you as well.

Elder Uchtdorf talks about a nurse who worked with many people who were near the end of their life. While working with them, she would often ask her patients if they had any regrets. Uchtdorf finds the commonality in the advice to try and help us potentially avoid future regret.

I don’t want to…

“Father Playing” from the Gospel Media Library

In April 2019, President Nelson gave a talk to all men entitled, “We Can Do Better and Be Better”. It was a call to repentance for men and an invitation to be better to the women in our lives; to be more righteous, more engaged and more helpful.

When President Nelson gave his talk, I received it with an open heart, and it’s still changing my life. I’ve tried to take a very practical approach to his advice, and I’m using this post to outline some of the steps I’ve taken to unplug and pay more attention to my family.

I stood up last month in fast and testimony meeting and said some stuff that made some people uncomfortable.

I talked about my Grandpa who passed away last year. I talked about his struggle with alcoholism, his obvious depression, and later years being likely filled with some regret.

I also talked about how much I love my Grandpa, and that I am proud to be his grandson.

My Grandpa was a great man, and he left behind a wonderful legacy. You see, my Grandpa, Papa G, he loved his family. …

In the last couple of months, I’ve setup quite a few October sites. I use it at my main job as well as for my side hustle, and I’ve concluded that October is an excellent CMS for both the developer and the client (or boss!).

I also love that it’s quick to setup. They have a guided install script for those who are slightly less technical, but for me, I prefer to use Composer. It’s slick and it’s what all the cool kids use, well, and me…

So, assuming you have Composer installed on your machine, navigate to the place…

At Depth Interactive, we’ve decided to rebuild our website. Part of that decision was to build the website with the same technology we’ve started using on our client’s projects, namely Laravel. After determining our needs, we decided to use OctoberCMS for the rebuild.

Without spending too much time selling you on OctoberCMS, it’s a great platform, particularly if you would like your content to live in your filesystem (controlled by git) rather than in a database.

A downside I found to OctoberCMS is its lack of documentation outside of their own, which can be lackluster for those that are new…

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