Arrowhead Eagles Soar Over California Military

If people learned anything from last weeks in against St. Alberta’s Bellerose, it was that Quarterback Bradley Mowbray and Wide Receiver Matthew Thompson will be a key duo to leading the (1–0) Arrowhead Christian Academy Eagles to victory . Yet Friday was different as their defense, including Noah Mowbray, stepped up this time around en route to defeating (0–1) California Military Institute 50–0.

The first quarter began with the Eagles getting the ball back on four downs. four plays later, 1 Noah Mowbray ran 18 yards for a touchdown. From then on the Eagles never looked back, scoring another touchdown from 20 Isaac Mowbray on a 52 yard pass from 5 Bradley Mowbray. 85 Matthew thompson would add in another score off a 27-yard pic-six.

Eagles started off the second quarter with a safety by Rene Rivera. two plays later, Noah Mowbray ran 47 yards for a touchdown and addinng to his stats. The Eagle’s defense kept the CMI from moving the ball foward for the rest of the half. After 55 Alex Shaver sacs CMI’s QB Jefferson Brown, they would retake the ball on the next play off a 12-yard pic-six from Noah Mowbray.

The whole second hlaf was on a running clock. Although CMI was able to move the ball this time, there was still chance of scoring. The Eagles would retain the ball back and score two more times from 10 Jacob Hernandez running seven yards for the touchdown, as well as a 47-yard pass from Bradley Mowbray to Christian Montalvo to end the game.

Noah Mowbray had a game-high 100 yards rushing along with three touchdowns. one off a pic-six.

“Noah did a great job”, Coach John Beck commenting on his runningbacks performance, “in the last two games he’s had big gains called back and touchdowns called back, so we’d like to clean that up for him so that he can be recognized.”

Arrowhead Christians’s next game is against Twentynine Palms in which Beck predicts a “physical game.”

“This next game is really going to challenge us in the preseason and thats why we scheduled them so that we can be challenged and be ready for league.”

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