PODCAST: 10 Minute Warning: Episode 10

Mt. SAC Playoffs Underway

If you have 15 minutes, we only need 10(approximately)! Inside the back room of the Mt. San Antonio College newsroom, four sports aficionados bring you a quadruple dose of fury with the Ten Minute Warning! The host Nick Moore, Gio V, Jorge Ramos and Nick Barajas bring you their fresh take on the hottest story of the day without any of that corporate company mumbo-jumbo. Segments such as “Hot or Not,” “Pass or Fail,” “My Top 5” and “Minute-to-Go” waste no time in giving you the best material in the business in a tenth of the time. Take a timeout on us and listen every week to 10 Minute Warning!

Topics of the day:

. Cam Newton or Tom brady
. NBA Review
. Mt. SAC Playoffs Update
. Things to be thankful for this holiday season

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