Command Line: Boogaloo

Day One of The Iron Yard

Terminals and gits and repos. It wasn’t too bad of a day. Git is extremely powerful, and working with github is really easy. We sat for some lessons, did some exercises, then spent the rest of the day experimenting with what we had learned.

I had a few questions here and there, but nothing I couldn’t figure out myself with a little trial and error (or googling). It would have been easy. Except for one tiny, minor, insignificant issue. Just a little thing. No biggie really, but MY CHARGER WOULDN’T WORK. After a full weekend of working on it without issue, it only makes sense that on the first day of school it would not work. Thankfully there was another student with a dinosaur mac like me and a compatible charger.

Tomorrow we’re onto HTML and CSS. Super basics but I’m still excited. Also just waiting for it to turn very very difficult. That shouldn’t take too long.

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