InstaPlan: Using Instagram to make travel plans

Do you find planning your vacation stressful? Do you like going to places which your cool friends or bloggers talk about on social media? Do you use Instagram?


If you answered “yes, I do.” to all 3 questions, then InstaPlan is the perfect app for you.

Planning a trip is not easy. Researching what to do sucks. Nobody likes googling “top 10 things to do in NYC” because lists like that are full of tourist traps. You want to travel smart. You want to check out places that locals, bloggers and your friends go.

Chances are most of us do follow people from places we want to visit one day, or friends who have been to those places. Naturally, we like and save their posts even before we make a commitment (flights, hotels, etc). We’ll like and save it when we see a post of our friends hanging out at an infinity pool in Singapore, or a post of a trendy cafe in Paris, or the best pizza in NYC, because we may want to check them out one day. And more importantly, these posts often come with geotags.

What this means is that, without any research, we may already have a list of things we want to do for a certain city, from our day-to-day liking and saving on Instagram. All we need to do now is putting all the locations on a map so that you know the distance between them and make a plan based on that information. InstaPlan does just that.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Launch the app and login with your Instagram.
  2. Pick a destination (say, Vancouver).
  3. Then you’ll see all the posts tagged in Vancouver which you’ve previously saved or liked on Instagram.
  4. Select places/posts that interest you.
  5. Then you’ll see a map of Vancouver tagged with selected places, like the good old Instagram map with pictures and the geotags.
  6. Add more locations manually (e.g. locations that you discovered from sources other than Instagram)
  7. Start planning your trip by creating an itinerary with the selected places

InstaPlan is a powerful travel itinerary planner. It cuts research time by presenting places which you liked or saved on Instagram. It helps you make personalized travel plans with ease.

Stay tuned to see more development of this project!