Meet 7 Crowd Startups at CIC / Venture Cafe Rotterdam Opening Celebrations

Crowdfunding has been growing in Netherlands, with over 40+ crowdfunding platforms in the country. Although most of these platforms are predominantly focused on equity crowdfunding & crowdlending, more and more entrepreneurs in the community has discovered the crowd way of building their startups from ground up.

The process of taking an idea, vision to implementation is well documented in the startup ecosystem. The crowd entrepreneur uses the same process, with a twist of doing all that with the crowd (potential users, investors, journalists, business customers etc) in the center from day 1 of ideation, starting with crowdfinding, crowdsourcing, crowd marketing, crowd validation.

Naturally crowd entrepreneurs coming together to share experience, help each other and bundle resources together wouldn’t come as a surprise — mingling among the entrepreneur / startup / corporate / government gathering every Thursdays @Venture Cafe Rotterdam and topic focused discussion Meetup every month.

CIC / Venture Cafe Rotterdam Opening Celebrations

7 of these startups will be pitching/demoing their visions with a info-/demotable at CIC / Venture Cafe Rotterdam’s Opening Celebrations Thursday Oct 13th (to be attended by Prince Constantijn and Mayor Aboutalleb and 1000+ friends & supporters)

The 7 Crowd-centric Startups

The typical stereotype of Kickstarter / Indiegogo involves tech gadgets or film/music. But that’s just a stereotype from hype & publicity. Look beyond that and you will find crowd-centric entrepreneurship can be found in very diverse sectors. The 7 demoing startups include interest areas like #food, #motivation, #selfhelp, #software / #app, #audio, #circulareconomy, #design, #interior, #paint, #sustainability, #organic, #non-profit, #social #responsibility, #diversity, #refugee / #migration, #coding, #edtech, #adtech, and even #content vs #adblock controversy.

A Box Is A Box | 1 fine looking box, 20 recipes from 20 different chefs, 20 recipe cards with beautiful photography. | sign up for newsletter > | | |

Aimy | Get the focus to realize your dreams. Stop making excuses, make it happen | sign up for newsletter > |

Fairf | Color your home with sustainable, bio-based paint and support the dreams of creative entrepreneurs in developing countries | sign up for newsletter > |

Gerrardstreet | Get your groove on with these phenomenal headphones you never have to worry about | New wireless model launching soon, sign up for newsletter > | |

Lamply | What should design lamps look like? Not techy, but Lamply. Design lamps for the smart home lifestyle | sign up for newsletter > | | |

Restart | We run 3 months long coding bootcamps to teach student refugees the fundamentals of web development. Calling volunteers! | | |

Selfertising | Dreaming of ad-free internet? Stop dreaming and come talk to us, Selfertising lets you support the content you value, without seeing ads | sign up for newsletter >

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Crowd (yes, you!) Economy

Each of these entrepreneurs have a vision to make something better, to innovate and solve a challenge with and for you. If the vision / challenge appeals to you, why not show your support! Follow their news, interact on social media and signup for the newsletter to be the first to know their latest development. Afterall, your participation is what makes it work better.

Every entrepreneur, every startup journey is an adventure, join in the ride! Exciting times with crowd economy.