Video By Keith Scott’s Wife Still Shots

This is offered without much comment or opinion. Just providing still shots from the video released by Keith Scott’s.


7 Seconds:

26 Seconds:

39 seconds:

At 45 seconds is the last time Keith’s wife says “get out of the car.”

At 46 seconds she starts saying “Keith don’t you do it.”

At 48 seconds — this is too blurry but it’s the first scene at 45 seconds where it would be possible (if the scene could be cleaned up) to see possibly see Keith:

49 seconds (first time we clearly see Keith):

51 seconds:

52 seconds (last view on video before Keith is shot.) You can also hear his wife yelling his name and saying “Don’t you do it” as her voice rises (in a way one might consider a panic/fearful manner):

65 seconds (first image of the scene after the shooting):

Watch from 68 to 72 second at .25 speed. You’ll see the officer in the red shirt appear to use his foot to move the dark object on the group further away from Keith and the officers attending to him.

72 seconds — first clear photo of Keith:

73 seconds:

75 seconds — notice Keith’s location relative to police car where he was not when the car arrived. He would have had to have exited his vehicle and moved a minimum of 10 feet towards the police to end up in this location.

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