PAWS.FUND Coin — Animal Lovers Charities — Coin Specifications

In this short article I want to talk few words about the Paws project as a vision, as a technology and about the specifications of the Paws coin.

Many of us have experinced that our pets have been an important part of our family life giving us unconditional love. Our pets need more of our time, resources, more love. From the very first steps, the vision of the PAWS project was to create a non-profit charity blockchain, decentralizzed community, which will give all LOVE for better life of our animals. I am sure about the PAWS project it is unique as impact and will change the world of our animals.

Also I think the PAWS project will be an very important catalyst for the big part of global animals lovers community. PAWS community will work in togheter to help animals providing the minimum basic necessities, giving more love and carring to be more happy and healthy. In first stage of the PAWS project implementation, the community will give the support of the dogs and cats, but step by step will be extended to more possible categories . For more informations, for be part of this community, please see the PAWS forum here:

One of the important goal of PAWS project will be animal charities that I think you would benefit from this. When we think about charities, we need to talk about donations whit trusting. Here the contributors need to have total trust about donors. Total transparency in donations until blockchain era, it was impossible because of lack of technology. The transparency in donations is the most important factor and blockchain technology can help, allowing for contributors and donors to be able to do in blockchain transactions without additional cost from third parties.

PAWS Coin Specifications:

  • Heavily Secured, efficient, frictionless, Proof-of-Stake, blockchain powered, with masternodes.
  • Fully transparent blockchain explorer and tracking for any and all use of PAWS funds.
  • Community backed, fully pluralistic governance model.
  • Coin name: PAWS.FUND
  • Ticker: PAWS
  • Algorithm: (POW/POS) QUARK/POS
  • Block reward: 1–9 PAWS
  • Masternode Collateral: 1000
  • Masternode reward: 70–90%
  • Staking (POS) reward: 10%
  • Block Time: 60 SECONDS
  • Minimum Staking Maturity: 3 hours
  • Total supply: 21 000 000 PAWS
  • Premine 500 000 PAWS (2.38%)
  • PAWS first 10,000 blocks
  • 1 per block.. 0.9 for MN and 0.1 for staking
  • At block 10,001, there will be 10% donation to Charity Fund and 10% donation to our Operations Fund/ 70% MN reward/10% Staking reward on every block.

For detailed information please visit: