What IS a Creative Entrepreneur?

A creative entrepreneur is simply put, someone who makes a living by doing their art. Now, there are many different levels, and ups and downs along the way at every level. Whether you’re a photographer (like me), artist, musician, actor, designer, director, writer, illustrator or do any other form of art that you make a living or want to make a living from, we all experience emotions. Our art is who we are, our vision, and our creation. Therefore that creates a direct attachment to our emotions. Our expression and creativity comes from our emotional being.

The synergy of ART & COMMERCE (selling your art) brings in a roller coaster of emotions. Lets face it, the freelance life is completely feast or famine, and even when you do get to the point of making a great living on your art, you then face the challenges of staying fresh, relevant, and sustaining a creatively viable product. All of these things play with our emotions as our livelyhood is dependent on our creating, and most importantly our creative vision. If we aren’t making money with our creative vision, it can get emotionally messy. We create limiting beliefs, like self doubt, self trust, worries, etc (I’m hoping I’m not alone here) as we go through the journey.

Creative entrepreneurship is not easy, but if you can break through the emotions and fears to get there, you can create an amazing lifestyle of waking up everyday getting TO create.

What is your definition of a creative entrepreneur? Leave me a comment below.

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