Georgia Football: Week 12

As part of our newly created Georgia Football social media page, we decided that an interesting and useful component would be an article posted on a semi-consistent basis. Although not the original developer of this page, I will be the usual writer of the article.

The articles will be centered around the game for the week, or anything that might need an opinion given. Our desire is to give you factual and relevant information to Bulldog Football, allowing you to know the most about this team we all love so much.

So, kicking off this page and it’s beginnings, we will talk about the end. The end of a regular season that was filled with many hopes and desires, some of which were probably way too high to expect out of a transitional team. But, despite the fact that some of these goals have seemed to have been failed, new head coach Kirby Smart has showed a lot of potential for this Georgia Football team.

Picture: AP Photo / John Bazemore

Although losses to Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Ole Miss, and Florida might seem to overshadow a lot of the good of the season, Georgia has developed in a lot of areas. One thing that stands out is the defense that Kirby Smart has started to produce. The Georgia defense held an Auburn offense that is averaging 461 yards a game to 164. That is huge for the Georgia football team, and will allow us to do some big things in the future. If knowing how strong our defense is doesn’t get you excited enough, only two players on this developing starting defense are seniors. We have big things headed our way in these upcoming seasons for our dawg defense. As they say, defense wins championships.

Something else that has really emerged through this season is Georgia’s kicking game. Through the first couple games, it seemed uncertain whether or not Georgia has a kicker that could really get the job done. But Rodrigo Blankenship has really come up for us. The freshman kicker has gone 11/13 over the course of the season, including a long of 49 yards and a game winner against Kentucky. Hopefully Blankenship will continue this success throughout the next couple years, and we will have a steady hand in the kicking game.

Lastly, Jacob Eason has a lot of potential at the University of Georgia. The true freshman had a lot of pressure on him going into this season. When over ninety-three thousand people give you a standing ovation at the G-Day Game, a lot of weight is put on your shoulders. But even with all of this pressure, Eason has produced a lot of results. He has thrown 11 touchdowns to 5 interceptions and completed 165 out of 303 passes, coming out to a 54% completion percentage. In Matthew Stafford’s freshman year, he had a 52% completion, and threw 7 touchdowns to 13 interceptions. We can’t guarantee that Eason will follow the incredible career that Stafford had at UGA, but knowing this comparison should excite the bulldog nation for the things to come with this quarterback.

Picture: Scott Donaldson/Icon Sportswire

One thing that I would love to see change from this season to the next is the strength of our offensive line. Eason has been under a lot of pressure this season, and our running game has been hindered by a weak offensive line. This weakness can be a result of weak recruiting over the past couple years, so I hope to see Smart recruit aggressively in order to get our line to the condition it needs to be in. Developing our line will help our offense be more productive as a whole, and stay competitive.

Focusing on our game today against Louisiana-Lafayette, I would really like to see the Dawgs simply handle the Rajun Cajuns with ease. We were all caught off guard to have only beaten a thought-to-be weak Nicholl’s State team by 2 points, even losing to them for some time during the game. I believe that if Georgia can find a way to easily put away Louisiana-Lafayette, it will definitely show some improvement within our season. Our offense will definitely need to step up and dominate the play clock, as well as prevent turnovers. Against Nicholl’s State, we only controlled about 28 minutes of the clock compared to their 31 minutes. Additionally, we gave up 2 fumbles and threw an interception. Turnovers and losing in time of possession is not how you easily handle a team. Our defense will also need to force more three-and-outs to keep the opposing team’s offense from keeping up with our score and dominating TOP. Seeing the way our defense handled Auburn, I have confidence that we can keep Louisiana-Lafayette at bay.

Prediction: UGA 45 UL-L 14

Thanks for reading my first article, and I hope that you will find your way back to many more. Please leave comments and opinions about my writing so that I can fine tune it to what makes y’all the happiest. Thank you!

Statistics were taken using the CBS Sports app