On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

Possibly the best analysis of Bernie and his followers that I have read to date. They have made ideological purity, not the good of the country, the only standard they hold to. The tactics, language, and “my way or the highway” attitude of the tea party have also been adopted as these are to be found in any fundamentalist group, be it political or religion, wherein articles of faith are held above observable fact and with disregard to both reality and decency.

I so wanted Bernie to be a good guy, a truth teller, because he has so many noteworthy visions for our future but the fact is that he was never really prepared for the moment wherein he had to flesh them out.

This lack of preparation for the real world is what I find most troubling about his taxes not being released. There may be discrepancies, but I haven’t seen them so I won’t make wild charges. I really don’t care about that.

They are not my concern, but it does make me question his ability to lead. Leaders need to be prepared for the unexpected, but much more importantly, they need be prepared for the routine.

If he cannot be prepared for this most expected of events, a candidate releasing several years of complete tax returns, when this is SOP, not some unusual circumstance, what will he do if something unexpected happen? Will he complain about the system? Will he lecture leaders of other nations about income inequality, condemn them as corrupt, then ask that they work with him, even as he refers to them as “evil”?

Will he remember where he put that important bill he was supposed to sign or was he too busy and you’ll just have to trust that he’ll get to it?

One thing I do know about Hillary, besides her complete tax returns for many years, and every detail of every moment, real and imagined, for about 35 years of witch hunts, is that she STAYS prepared for everything. She also doesn’t rattle.

I watched quite a bit of the 11 hour long Benghazi inquisition and no one in our history has ever handled anything like it, much less with such grace and cool under hostile circumstances, certainly with great humor, except her soon to be predecessor, who is always the adult in the room. I had never really given her that close a look before and I was struck by these thoughts:

That grace and cool are two of the things I like so much about Obama. Preparedness is another.

I wish it were otherwise, but I don’t see any of that in Bernie. He isn’t ready for our current reality, much less ready for his own vision for the future, as shown by his lack of downticket team building.

His ideas deserve a better candidate.

Vote Blue. It matters.