33 Things I’ve been doing/thought about doing during #snowmageddon

As a side note, I got this idea by seeing a post about this by someone up in DC. Read the inspiration for this article here.

My wife and I live in Richmond, Virginia. Well, we actually live in a suburb of Richmond called Short Pump. If you’re not from Short Pump, you probably think that’s a weird name. Anyways, we, like the rest of the east coast, have been pounded with snow. It’s over now, but we’re still stuck inside — we’ve been inside since 1pm on Friday…

It’s now 2:12pm on a Sunday. During this time, I’ve had a lot of thoughts about what to do to occupy my time. Here are things I’ve thought about doing/done:

  1. Organize my Photos (tried doing this, made some progress, but then quit)
  2. Do the dishes (sink looking clean!)
  3. Do the laundry (we have all clean whites!)
  4. Clean out piles of junk in my office (still working on this)
  5. Clean my gun (did this, thanks to youtube)
  6. Watch documentaries on Netflix (watched a Mike Tyson documentary, Meet the Mormons,
  7. Watch romcoms on netflix (my wife’s request)
  8. Sleep (snowy winter naps)
  9. Organize my office (lots to do here…)
  10. Do crafts (we don’t have much craft material)
  11. Make cookies (my wife did this)
  12. Wander out and take pictures of the snow (we did this for 30 min)
  13. Write letters (thought about this, didn’t actually do it)
  14. Look out the window at the snow (did this about 10 times every hour for 36 hours)
  15. Check my flashlights (all good)
  16. Count the # of water bottles we have (we had 72 and drank 2, so 70 now)
  17. Do the math on how much food we have and how long we could survive if we had to (we could survive for about 1 week if we ate well, or about 3 weeks if we really rationed and ate very basic food)
  18. Check # of batteries we still have (lots of AA and lots of AAA — we have enough)
  19. Charge our phones/laptops/cameras/battery packs (were all charged, but now phone is on 80% and MacBook is on 35%)
  20. Read the biography about Robert E Lee (read about 20 pages, now on page 140)
  21. Update books on my Kindle (scanned through, but didn’t actually update anything)
  22. Respond to emails (did this, and continue doing this)
  23. Get caught up on work (still working on all the pictures I took from the whiteboards at the office — will be done by tomorrow AM!)
  24. Go to the gym (wanted to, but it’s closed)
  25. Get Duck Donuts (they’re closed)
  26. Go shovel a whole bunch of peoples driveways (except I don’t have a snow shovel and my car would get stuck really fast)
  27. Talk to my wife about the probability of her going to work on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday of this next week. I told her about 100% chance she’s out on Monday, decreasing by 25% every day (except Friday), so Tues=75%, Wed=50% chance, Thursday= 25% chance, and Friday = 10% chance.
  28. Update friends in Utah about the weather (it’s all good)
  29. Browse dogs for adoption in Richmond (found some, but nothing yet…)
  30. Consider reviving spanishnap.blogspot.com (ehhh…)
  31. Consider starting www.nickpericle.com (maybe?)
  32. Eat lots of snacks (we had a few snacks, but need to prepare much, much better for the next blizzard)
  33. Plan out my to-do list for this whole week (about to get it this next week).

The blizzard is over. We’ll try going out today… maybe.

West Broad Street.
My wife in the snow.
Until next time.
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