Quick thoughts on Apple’s announcements at WWDC 2015
Tim Carmody

I watched the  WWDC as well.

I tuned in about halfway through, and caught the last parts about the WatchOS 2 and the Apple Connect music software. I was pretty underwhelmed, but then I went back and I read on The Verge about the top 10 things that  announced at the WWDC, and I have some good thoughts that I’ll share in response to this:

OS X El Capitan

What really interests me is the amount of work put into things.. I’m not a software developer, but I find it fascinating that they are pushing another version of the OS X, which will be 10.11 El Capitan. BTW I want to hike El Capitan. I think that’d be fun. El Capitan the OS is supposed to have a performance boost, but we’ll see if it works on my 2012 Macbook Pro.

iOS 9

I can finally draw in the Notes app. I’m a big fan of sketching things, and drawing things out, and instead of opening Paper or some other app, I can now do it directly in Notes.

I’ve recently started using the Passbook more, for Apple Pay, Flights, Chipotle rewards cards, etc. Now, Passbook is “Wallet.”

I can track UV exposure and menstrual cycles with HealthKit (interesting….)

It sounds like the new iOS should allow all the iPhones to get more out of their battery life — something that is definitely needed. iOS 9 is less about BIG changes, and more about refinements and optimization.


Siri will now scan your data on your phone, and tell you more personalized, contextualized things.  says that it will scan your email, and put invitations in your calendar. Will this work with the gmail app? I hope so… It will also tell you what apps you should use at what time of the day, and so forth.

One interesting thing that  is trying to play up is that your data will not be stored in the cloud, but will be local on the phone… Less chances of data theft?

Public Transit

If I lived in a city like SF or NY, then I would really like this feature. But since I live in Provo, UT, I don’t need this. I’ll try this when I’m in a big city though. I still love Google Maps more though.

I’m waiting until I can call an Uber from Siri.


I hide my current Newsstand app in a folder called Apple Apps. In it, I have Videos (don’t use), Safari(<Google Chrome), Maps(<Google Maps), Game Center(no games), iBooks (<Twitter), and Mail(<Gmail).

I don’t use Newsstand. But this new app called News sounds interesting. One thing I don’t understand is who is going to be writing this news? Is it people from Apple? Can anyone else write in there? I like getting news from multiple sources, so this is a big question I have. The app looks slick though.

watchOS 2

I’m getting an Apple Watch. It’s time to get one. Do I need it? No. Should I get it? Yes. This new update gives the watch a whole bunch of little updates that should make a big difference.

One of the cool things that is now available is that developers can move the logic that an app uses to run from the iPhone to the Apple Watch. This should enhance performance, and allow for uses of video, audio, and other things on the watch. Pretty cool.


I don’t own anything that goes with the HomeKit, but I’m sure this will become more popular. Having a central place to be able to manage all of these things will be very big in the future.


The biggest advantage that I can see to using CarPlay is that I can disable my phone from being played with while I’m in the car. I don’t know anyone who has CarPlay — I’d be interested in hearing what people have to say about it currently. Could Tesla maybe take this into account with it’s beautiful big screen?

And One More Thing: Music

Man, Steve Jobs… His famous “And One More Thing” really got people excited. But I’m still a little confused about Apple Music…

They had Drake come on and say some things about it. They had this Cuban guy who showed a couple of features about Apple Music. But in the end, I don’t see how it’s that much different than Spotify (and Spotify has their student discount, where I get it for 5 bucks a month).

And oh yeah, did you see this tweet by Spotify’s CEO? I love me some competition.

Anyhow, that’s about it from the  WWDC.

What do you think?

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