So you’re starting to think about all those old posts you’ve made on Reddit and Twitter over the past couple of years. Maybe it would be better if you could go back and remove some (or all) of them?

Well that’s why I created Social Amnesia. A tool designed to help you delete all your old Reddit and Twitter content you don’t want out there anymore:

Running Social Amnesia is easy: First, download the latest release from the releases page.

Once you’ve installed the application, click on either the “Twitter” or “Reddit” tab and log in to your account:

If you are building an Electron application, you probably want to be able to save user configuration across sessions (meaning, the user closes and opens the app and everything was how they left it). Electron Store helps you do just that.

If you are using Vue to create your app, there is a good chance you are using VueX to manage state across your app (meaning, a user clicks a login button component, and several other components can now see that the user is logged in).

This post will teach you how to marry those two so that every time…

Often times while developing an application, you will have a lot of data to show to the user. Showing it all on one screen is one option, but that can cause a whole lot of vertical scrolling for the user, and can hurt performance depending on how much data you are dealing with. Pagination may be a better option.

So let’s say you’ve set up your own app with Vue and Bootstrap-Vue, and you want to use Bootstrap-Vue’s excellent Pagination component. But wait, Bootstrap-Vue’s docs only show you how to do that in concordance with the Bootstrap-Vue table component! What…

Hey, you! Want a career in tech? Want to be a big shot writing code used by millions, with a fat six figure salary to match? Well I can give you a way in, but it’s gonna cost you…

If you don’t happen to work in the industry, it would be unlikely for you to know this, but companies pay big dollars to their employees for referrals. …

This article will be useful to you if you are trying to set up a PRAW (Python Reddit API Wrapper) script application that runs locally on a user’s machine and logs into their user account. And that user happens to have 2FA activated. So congratulations! If you’re one of the 6 people in the world who needs to know how to do that, I happen to be one of the 3 people in the world who can provide you with that knowledge.


I assume you have already set up a Reddit script application. Also, you should have installed PRAW with…

This blog post is based off my talk at the Austin Python Meetup, which you can find on my website here —

A few bad tweets from a decade ago can ruin your life. Don’t believe me? Ask Kevin Hart or James Gunn.

A few clues in your (supposedly anonymous) reddit profile can expose your real-life identity. Recently made some political comments on the site? You might be targeted.

Should it be this way? Twitter’s motto is “What’s happening?” not “What happened 10 years ago, that you deserve to be shamed for?”

So I built a tool that lets…

Recently, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a project of mine had gotten some traction on twitter, as someone commented about it in a tweet chain that was getting a fair bit of “favorites” and re-tweets.

I was unpleasantly surprised though that I found out about this 11 days after those tweets had been made. This is basically a million years in twitter time. …

Nick Gottschlich

I made I work for Procore, building construction management software to modernize the jobsite.

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