Scientific Studies On The Effects of Radiation
Ken Lewis

I read your post above and did some further research reading the study’s results on Scientific American and also reminding myself of the first time I saw this on WSJ earlier in May this year.

If you read the comments below the WSJ article you’ll see that lots of people complain that this study has not been peer reviewed and have doubts around the validity of the results. The only impressive thing for a non-published study is that it cost $25M.

FCC also keeps a very cautious stance against it as you will read:

The Federal Communications Commission, which had been briefed by NIH officials, told Scientific American in a statement, “We are aware that the National Toxicology Program is studying this important issue. Scientific evidence always informs FCC rules on this matter. We will continue to follow all recommendations from federal health and safety experts including whether the FCC should modify its current policies and RF exposure limits.”

Even leaving this [major issue] aside, the study as you will see uses 1.5 W/kg, 3 W/kg and 6 W/kg. All these are above the threshold of 1.6 W/kg and that is at least 10x above the power density that you’re experiencing in your bedroom.

Back to the conspiracy theory that the telecom industry might be suppressing this, I think that no scientist at major university in well funded electrical engineering or/and neuroscience departments would be stopped from investigating this further and sharing their results with the academic community. It would then make it to the FCC and to regulatory bodies across the world. I really see no dark force here other than our barrier to understand the human body mechanism fully through the technology of our times.

That said, when you start going that much deep into these issues, they tend to drive you mad. There are so many unknown factors (particularly in the developing field of brain/neuroscience) that scientists today understand to a large extent but not entirely. If it’s as simple as painting your wall or sealing electromagnetically your bedroom walls from the microcell, I would just do it so that I would no longer think about it.

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