Random Negative Thoughts Popping in My Head As I Restart Learning to Code

“It would be easy to become a victim of our circumstances and continue feeling sad, scared or angry; or instead, we could choose to deal with injustice humanely and break the chains of negative thoughts and energies, and not let ourselves sink into it.” ― Erin Gruwell, The Freedom Writers Diary

Here’s a secret: we all experience negative thoughts. It’s part of being human. In my day job, I work with teen boys who I help to stop or cope with these thoughts. Some of the strategies I have taught and used in the past involve visualization techniques (picture yourself at a bookstore, grocery store, comic book shop or so forth. These work so you can make yourself visualize each item on the shelf), writing the thoughts down and throwing them away, or even just telling others to force them out in the open. Putting light on them helps. So, I figured I would take my own advice and put my latest negative thoughts out in the open. Here goes:

  • Coding is way too hard. I’ll never be able to get the hang of it.
  • I sucked at math in school so won’t be good at programming.
  • I failed already once, so why will this be any different.
  • It’s way too much to learn.
  • I’ll never get a job in programming, so I am wasting my time.
  • If I do get a job, I won’t make as much as I am now so it will be pointless.
  • I have wasted my time in school getting a graduate degree if I switch careers now.
  • I’m too old to change careers.
  • I don’t have time to focus on this now.

I’ve had others flash through my head, but these are the most common. What thoughts do you struggle with?