Who Cares?

Confession: I have no idea what on Earth I will end up using this site for. Is this another social media platform? I hope not, I really can’t handle another. Three weeks ago my wife had me sign up for snapchat. I’ve used it twice, both times to face swap with our cat. At what point did I quit caring about the next new thing? Shouldn’t that happen after 30? Whatever, I don’t care. A more important question; when did I quit caring about the last big thing? I feel myself allowing apathy to take hold more and more. Things I once cared for can barely keep my attention. Friends I couldn’t live without are now a once-a-season acquaintance. I hate that. Yet I continue it. Maybe I work too much. Maybe my family takes up all my spare time. Or maybe I have too many excuses that only justify my actions to others. At what point have I had enough and decide to do take the initiative to change what I don’t like? Well, I used to write, so I started this.

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