Carrion: When they are afraid of YOU

An indie game in which you play as the monster, an intelligent, ever growing beast, striking from the shadows.

Scientist: Did you hear that?

Assistant: Yes. It sounded like… screams.

Scientist: Don’t move. There’s something… oh my god…. It got loose.

This week I’ve been playing Carrion, a metroidvania like none I’ve ever played before. Reminiscent of the Alien movies, a creature is prowling the underground top-secret laboratories of a highly-secretive government complex, instilling fear into all that work there. What sets Carrion apart from its contemporaries is that you play as the monster.

Imagine a slimy red Kraken, but instead of a head, you have dozens of faces with endless chomping jaws, and tentacles that pull you swiftly over walls and across ceilings. You can slip easily into ventilation shafts, and swim through plumbing. And you feed on humans.

With a whip of tentacles you can grab and pull objects or people towards you, and the more you consume, the larger you get, making you stronger and able to withstand, and do, more damage.

On your journey, you’ll evolve by discovering containers of DNA from various experiments, and soon you’ll have the power of mind-control, morphism, and… very big spikes.

You might think that being an all-powerful entity that likes to tease its victims a much as it does eat them, would be too easy. Indeed, it does feel that way at times, but security is tight and you’ll have to figure out ways to unlock doors that lead to your next meal. And who knows whether lunch will be armed with a pistol, a flamethrower, or driving what looks like Ed-209 out of Robocop.

Carrion is a fun, fluid metroidvania that hits the mark on atmosphere, exploration and satisfaction. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can find it on PC, Xbox and Switch.

While you’re here, which is your favorite Alien, or Alien-like, movie or game?