The double opt-in email

Get more intros and make higher quality connections by adopting the double opt-in format.

Hands rapidly typing on a laptop

How it works

Hey {intermediary name} — great chatting with you the other day.

You mentioned that you know {contact name} — I was checking out their work on {X} and {Y}. I found it very interesting because of {Z}!

As you know I’m working on {A} and researching {B}. I would love to connect with {contact name} over email or a quick call to get their thoughts.

Would you be able to make an introduction?

Thanks {intermediary name}.

Best, {requestor name}

Additional Tips



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Nick Raushenbush

Nick Raushenbush

Angel investor, BOD and former cofounder @Shogun (Y Combinator W18), former cofounder @ Glass + Marker.