Alternative popular culture

Popular music has come come adrift from its cultural moorings leaving meaning and ideas behind.

Pop is a commodity not a catalyst for ideas, emotions and inspiration.

Is is it possible for a popular art form to exist and not be appropriated or absorbed by corporate branding.

Whether or not Warhol’s work had any intrinsic value he was certainly prophetic. Did he create the future or merely predict it? He certainly gave permission although corporate imperatives don’t ask for permission, they just act. But perhaps the art world stood idly by while being hijacked.

Popular culture is directly owned and associated with large corporate organisations.

Is it futile to yearn for a culture separate from the imperatives of business? Perhaps the last great lost cause?

There’s a difference between a culture whose very incentives are governed by business and a culture which operates within but separate from commercial imperatives.

It seems a shame that Brian Eno’s comment: “The big challenge for artists today is to produce work sufficiently ugly that it cannot possibly be appropriated for advertising.” precludes striving for beauty because it will be immediately absorbed and neutered by branding.

A pop album cover of the sublime beauty of Joy Division’s Closer could never exist today as it would immediately be devoured.

Perhaps we need to embrace the Folly as a legitimate creative form. Be explicit about it’s overt lack of financial value while indulging the possibilities and potential for cultural value.

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