TeuxDeux, as simple as a piece of paper

Before smartphones my to do/ task management system consisted of a single piece of paper containing one list which I kept tucked in my back pocket. It worked perfectly. Simple, quick and easy.

Then along came the iPhone and everything got complicated. A plethora of technically sophisticated apps came forth most of which I have tried at one time or another. Eight years later and I’m happy to be using TeuxDeux, the closest thing there is to a piece of digital paper in my back pocket.

No hierarchies, projects, priorities, filters, notes, attachments, notifications or API. Just a simple plain calendar-based daily list that’s as easy to edit as jotting on a piece of paper. Oh and a delightfully simple iPhone app which last got an update in 2013 because it hasn’t needed one since.

Check out their their story in three flavours and be delighted by simplicity.

Originally published at todayx.net on June 8, 2015.