Notions of rights rose to their position as the dominant way of articulating a critical politics out of the seeming failure of other utopias
Human Rights and the Left
Jon Piccini

This is important, and stuck with me when I read your piece the first time upon initial publication.

In the Australian ‘Law and Order’ debate of Jul-Sept 1970 most opponents of protests keep talking about the “right to trade” or the “right to go about business unimpeded” or even “the right to the lunch hour”.

It seems like int he late 60s there’s this moment where a new liberal consensus turns ‘rights’ into the way of articulating somethign important abut politics, and it’s like ‘human rights’ becomes the trump card after both left and right commentators jostle for position on which set of rights is more important.

I assume you’re reading about the ‘consumer rights’ stuff in the States as well?

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