5 Symptoms of Flea Bite and its Treatment

Flea bites are common among humans and pets living in your home. Fleas are nothing but a small, tiny and irritating creature that rest in pets, yards, bedding's and other infested areas. These fleas reproduce at a faster rate and its bite to humans and pets are painful, and itchy. In this post, I am going to share you what are symptoms of flea bite and we will also discuss about the flea bite treatments that will help you to prevent from any serious infection future.

About Flea Insects — Everything you need to know!!

Flea insects are some small bugs that are equivalent to the tip of the pen. The fleas are mostly light brown in color that jumps to one place to another due to its lack of wings. It is very difficult to find them around you and it is impossible to prevent them from your home. These fleas survive by sucking the blood of humans and animals.

Once the flea insect bites you, the bitten surface area remains small with red bumps. You will also come across some group of bites in more than two to three lines in your body that may worry you. Mostly, the fleas’ bites in those areas of your body like knees, elbows, breast, groin, waist and armpits. Those bites of fleas may probably cause you allergic and rashes. Well, in the post below, we will learn more about the symptoms and its treatment.

The 5 Symptoms of Flea Bite

The symptoms of the flea bite on human beings will appear instantly after you are bitten with these annoying insects which are hardly noticeable. Let’s take a deep look at the symptoms of flea bite so that you can be careful and take extra precaution from getting bitten.

  • The symptoms of Flea bites gives you severe itchy living with red dots in your body.
  • The flea bites are mostly seen around the lower legs and feet because these annoying fleas mostly live in the yards, floorboards and carpets. The flea bite not only can be seen in legs or feet, but you may also experience the bites in other parts of your body as well especially in the mid section.
  • The flea bites sometimes forms red bumps and excessive itching that will keep you non-stop scratching.
  • The Flea bites can be easily spreaded around your body because you cannot stop that extreme itchiness and it can be infected easily to parasite bacteria which are more harmful for your health. The infected fleas bite can are easily infected that can live your skin swollen, reddish and excessive scratching may be too painful.
  • The flea bites may sometime give you hypersensitive reaction which is likely to form a large swelling mostly painful and hot touch.

Remedies for Flea Bite Treatment

To get rid of flea and its annoying and extreme bite which are itchy is impossible. You can follow the below lists of treatment procedure in order to prevent from fleas and it’s irritable itchy treatment. There are several ways to treat flea bites infection. The best way to treat is naturally with homemade remedies or you can also consult your doctor.

· Firstly, whenever you are bitten with the flea in any parts of your body, the most important treatment from spreading infection is to avoid scratching. Because the flea defecates as they bite you which is obvious that these flea bite will live you with nasty bacteria. Scratching the surface area of the bite can introduce to new infection. So, you must avoid scratching though it is unavoidable.

· The flea bites can get worse if you continuously keep scratching due to frustration which can even cause to allergic reaction. So, to stop those unstoppable scratching, you can apply some lotion like Calamine or cream that will help in reducing the chance of causing swellings and also contacting with new infections.

· Suppose the applying of lotion or cream does not work, then you can take an antihistamine available both in liquids and tablets. But to take this tablets or liquid, you need to first consult your doctor.

· You can also use cold water or ice to stop that irritable itching that will prevent you from inflammation and swelling.

· Applying lemon juice into the skin can stop itching though there might be a slight tingle, but it will keep your skin free from other bacteria as well.

· Baking soda also fairly works well. You just need to mix with water and apply it in the itch area of your skin for few minutes that will give a relief from extreme itch and swelling.


These are the top 5 symptoms of flea bite and home remedy for flea bite treatment. No doubt, you can consult your doctor for treatment, but I would highly recommend you to go for the home remedy treatment of flea bite because it will not cost you much as well as you can cure those flea bite naturally keeping you healthy.

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