I lost myself in a ton of code

Everyone has a vice and mine is or should I say was to code day and night. Coding was my addiction and the only thing that made me happy. I made myself believe that the more I work now the more I would be able to spend time with my family.

The more the work piled up the lesser I slept. My friend who was a freelancer was using a virtual assistant company called GetFriday. She asked me to try out their services. I was hesitant initially but decided to outsource activities like bookkeeping, Calendar management such that I could focus on coding.

Life post outsourcing

Letting go of things you have really worked hard for is difficult but my virtual assistant has not only won my trust but has given me time to go on adventures and create memories with my family.

My better half thanks my VA for all the work she does and feels working with GetFriday has been the best decision I have made in my life ie., after the decision of marrying her. My daughter is about to start school and Rose has decided to outsource the research to Priyanka.

I am planning our fourth anniversary trip to Italy and more adventures to go on this summer. I am still addicted to coding but now a happier and healthier one. Outsourcing takes courage and understanding. My virtual assistant has grown along with me and has even learned the basics of coding from me.

I am techie who is exploring life beyond coding along with my wife and a sweet four year old daughter. Keep reading to explore more of our adventures.