Five Predictions

One of my favourite pass times is to medicate myself then see what i can come up with.

I feel particularly inspired right now off the back of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Black Swan.

Most of my ideas I either immediately forget, like a cruel cerebral version of snapchat, or they are so boring they could put a crack addict to sleep.

These are the ones that made it.

  1. The digital advertising industry is unsustainable and will suffer a correction. Malware bots now make up between 15–20% of all online ad viewers and is going up all the time. Think about the hilarious situation where the videos and ad content are constantly being algorithmically adapted to the bots automated habits. There is a human-less feedback loop that literally destroys economic value on every iteration. Ad blockers and customers losing patients with the relentless ‘sell’ based on their data will compound these technical challenges. The digital advertising businesses know this and are diversifying but it won’t be quick enough.

I know right!?




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