10 Takeaways. 3 Conferences. 1 Week.

I don’t know what it is about September, but it seems like everyone goes conference-crazy. And, let me tell you, this September has been no exception. We here at Tech Nick Creative have been up to our ears in professional development — taking in big ideas from some of the most creative thinkers in the country, all in the last week.

One week, one packed schedule

The week started off in Minneapolis with the Business Marketing Association‘s Half Day Skill Builder Workshop on Social Media, moving quickly to Salesforce.com‘s Essentials for Service Excellence. Lastly, we rounded off the week in style with a trip to OTA Fargo for two days of creatives, creatives, and more creatives.

Ten big takeaways from a week’s worth of brilliant speakers

#1 On making the customer the hero.

Share the spotlight with your customers. Social media is the place to give others the ability to be the hero. Chris Schermer, Schermer

#2 On communicating online.

Social media is a way to communicate. Marketing is about demand generation. Its no wonder these two priorities conflict when you mash them together. Ryan Carlson, The Nerdery

#3 On customer loyalty.

It’s not really delight that drives customer loyalty, but it’s a powerful disloyalty effect that really drives behavior. Most customers don’t want to be dazzled, they want an effortless experience. Matthew Dixon, CEB

#4 On becoming amazing.

In the beginning, we all suck. We tend to think that the people we’re admiring were born that amazing, but they weren’t. The key to understanding them and replicating their success isn’t finding out who they are now, but finding who they were when they started their journey. Greg Hartle, Starveups

#5 On creating.

When you want something cool: make it. The Gregory Brothers

#6 On being a champion.

Stop thinking of yourself as a ‘cheerleader,’ and start thinking of yourself as a ‘champion’ for causes you care about. Jason Roberts, The Better Block Project

#7 On being better.

Don’t be good, don’t be best. Be better. ‘Good’ and ‘best’ are momentary static properties. Better is all about momentum. Ricardo Crespo

#8 On leading.

Being an innovative leader isn’t about having a visionary, but about creating a context where people are ready and willing to innovate. Greg Brandeau

#9 On entrepreneurship.

Being an entrepreneur is really, really hard. It’s like leaping out of an airplane with a parachute that 6-out-of-10-times isn’t going to open. That’s crazy. Cathy Brooks, Hydrant Club

#10 On negativity.

The inner voice of negativity is usually wrong. Silence it. A year from now, you’ll be really glad that you started today. WES EISENHAUER, SOULCRATE

Well, there you have it

After enduring 500 miles of driving, attending 3 concerts, taking in over 15 speakers, meeting countless new connections (both with people, and between brain cells), it’s been a big week.

Now, I want to hear from you. Which one of these ideas resonates with you? Leave your answer in the comments below.



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