Do Flowers Have More of a Conscience than Donald Trump’s Supporters?

Today, I look at the flowers standing at attention on the table in front of me. The tablecloth is bathed in yellow, with images of flowers sporadically painting a picture of spring. Some of the flowers in the vase lean over to say hello, but they can’t control which way they lean. Their current stature depends on how the florist, or in this case my mother, consciously arranged the flowers. However, it seems that they have split into two separate parties, simply as a product of gravity and air. One party governs the left side of the table, while the other half oversees the right side.

But could these flowers have divided themselves over variant beliefs about sunlight inequality, the right for all flowers to have equal access to water, and if they should allow other flowers into their vase? Of course not. They have no consciousness and no conscience, yet they’re still more humane than some humans. The flowers degrade no one, don’t restrict other flowers access to them, or promote violence.

All of humanity has some form of consciousness in varying degrees of awareness, feelings and a sense of selfhood. Yet too many times, we lose sight of the people we are and the values we stand for when we are swept up in emotions. Right now, it seems that much of the American population has lost who they really are and decided to vote for Donald Trump. I hope his supporters are not just racists.

Trump’s candidacy was birthed in controversial territory, consistently mocking anyone who is not of the same demographic as himself: Mexicans, Muslims, women, the disabled, and more. Controversy has been the cornerstone of his campaign for the past 11 months. In June of last year, he announced his candidacy for president, and in the same speech, accused Mexico of “not sending their best people,” but sending those who bring drugs, crime and are rapists. That’s one way to get the Latino vote, Donald. Back in December, Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what’s going on.” This leads me to believe that Donald may force any Muslims in the U.S. into internment camps like America did to the Japanese during World War II. Frightening, I know. And for someone who boasts about how he would completely destroy ISIS, we are only letting terrorists win if we shut ourselves off to others in need of our help.

Frequently, when Trump supporters are asked about his controversial statements, they respond with something having to do with his candidness and him speaking his mind. Every person in America wants a politician to speak candidly and truthfully, but the truthful expression of their feelings and ideas should not consist of degradation and mockery. With the election approaching in a few months, it is time that Donald Trump’s supporters reexamine their values. I don’t believe Trump is a lunatic, but it is imperative that we as a people stay true to the positive values of America and push racists like Donald Trump back into the 1960s.