Blogging Students: A Genius Business Model

This is essentially how I picture myself when writing my blog: Slightly endearing and totally ineffective.

puts “hello world”

(It’s my first blog post, and I’ve been coding in Ruby for a couple of weeks: I had to)

For some context, I have recently started at Makers Academy. I’d assume most people checking this out would know about it but, as I understand, it’s a highly acclaimed, 3 month hyper-intensive web development bootcamp. Understandably, I am very excited to get stuck in.

As part of the course, students are encouraged to start a blog. This is an outstanding business idea; a genuine win-win.

For Students:

  1. Personal Reflection
  2. Writing Skills
  3. Fun (dare I say)
  4. Most importantly : the opportunity for a juicy cash prize for the best blog!

For Makers Academy:

  1. Feedback about course enjoyment
  2. A colossal backlog of positive referrals from students littering the internet.
  3. Transparency to new students about the ins and outs of the course

Honestly, as a business that’s providing a good service and clearly very invested in student satisfaction I can’t see a single downside. (This little blog post nicely outlines the student benefits in far more detail than I’m dropping into here, It’s quite an interesting topic!)

I’m looking forward to sharing the ups and downs of the coding rollercoaster that I’m about to get onto, so stay tuned. I aim to keep the blog short, light and possibly useful to someone who might stumble across it. I’ve honestly been looking for an outlook for writing for a while now and this seems to be the perfect excuse!

As this is a web development course, one of my aims is to set up my own website. So, if I do, I predict that this blog might migrate over to that. But, until then, this seems like a pretty good writing medium.