Makers Academy W5 D3: The floor is Java

TL;DR — Clue: Add a ‘script’ to the end of that terrible Java pun

“Laughably Awful Syntax” — Photo Creds JJ for this one.


Today the cohort were unleashed into the unsupervised world of Javascript web page production. First we had to cobble together an industry leading thermostat model (This is, of course, a slight exaggeration). With no less than 3 main features employed we were tasked with making our code interact with a web page. At this point I stepped back slightly and thought (rather sceptically I’ll admit), ok where is this going? But then, enter JQuery from stage left. Animations, fade-ins, fade outs, messages boxes flying at you more obtrusively than a DFS sale advert. It was a marvel of front end wizardary which blew all my sceptiscism out of the window.

In other news, I seem to have inadvertently wandered into the role of social sec for our cohort. It’s bank holiday and I think the time is right for a big ol’ algorave. The Blues Kitchen, Shoreditch, is the destination of choice as its well know for its furiously energetic live jazz and soul music. I mean who wouldn’t want to go all out for an event called ‘New Orleans Brass Boogaloo’?. So, I pinged over an email to the blues kitchen staff to enquire about guestlist. It was tastefully worded — walking that fine line between the cordial and the colloquial; cheeky and polite. Or so I thought. Hope, the events manager was having none of it. There was absolutely no way that I could sign up 25 people onto a guestlist without individually filling in everyone’s email and date of birth. Additionally, there was zero chance that she could sort me out with any ‘tasty large-group deals’ .

Daily Podcast

Sacked it off today and watched some high-octane Sonic Pi -tutorials (This is a coding live music synthesizer). Unfortunately, I had to pack it in after stacking it on an uneven curb, gangly limbs and phone flailing uncontrollably and coming to the realisation that powerwalking doesn’t combine well with video tutorials.

Parentheses or Sound waves? I’m not bothered; I’m a nerd.

Paired with Steph

This was an immensely productive throwback to the good old pre-course days. Even though we hardly knew what we were doing back then we tried to solve a disgustingly over-ambitious ‘function- repetition search algorithm’ called the ‘Hare and the Tortoise’ or ‘Floyd’s Cycle Detection Algorithm’. We spent about 40 minutes actually dechipering what we had to solve and then another 40 getting it coded up. All for those code wars points though right? Steph was a Jquery wizard today and managed to get add a scrolling panoramic picture which blew my mind. Not entirely sure what a moving picure basilica in Rome has to do with a thermostat, but it was the swishest piece of web design I’ve seen for a good couple of days.

Ate at Roast and Toast

Proud to say the trainee wrapper is improving. He did manage to wander off for 5 minutes while my wrap was under a grill, leaving it thoroughly roasted and thoroughly toasted. But I guess that’s all in the branding right?


Headache inducing website design

This was an absolute gem from Jessica. It’s basically a website that turns any functional website’s appearance to look like it was designed by a 15 year old in the 90s. Check it out here.

Comic Sans — Lets your users know you mean business.

DOM — Document Object Model

When loaded into a client (eg. chrome), each HTML element become an active object in the DOM. This allows javascript to find each element of your page and then run code on each element to make it do funky things. Ie if you have a page title, you can reference it through the DOM and then manipulate it using Javascript.

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