Makers Acdemy W5 D4: Blues Kitchen Social

TL;DR — Coding socials: the only place where Tinder chat and Magic the Gathering can go effortlessly hand in hand.

The only proof I have that a night out actually happened and this isn’t all some enormous badly-written fabrication


Today was a change of pace and that was refreshing. High octane test-driven javascript development was flung aside to make way for the opportunity to spend some time pimping out the thermostat app we’d been building. This was the first time I’d properly had time to dive into detailed website styling with css. (I mean, tinder tragedy was a masterclass of visual design, but this one’s a new front-runner). As a starting point, I crept around the githubs of two of the most style savvy people in the group, Elaine and J-Rods(Their projects are always enviably good-looking). I then proceeded to pinch their code, mess around with it, break it on numerous occassions and make it look worse than what it started as.

The final product? The therbrometer:
Tasteful(?) snowflake animation in full force.

Some frequently asked questions about the product:

Why does it start snowing at 13 degrees?

We take pride in our attention to detail and appreciation of fundamental physics principles.

Are you ever going to give me up?

No, I’m never going to let you down.

What happens at 69 degrees?

I couldn’t possibly answer that, but Nelly definitely can.

Friday night shenanigans: The Blues Kitchen Social

After a quick and deftly handled slack post, it was confirmed that the brews were prepped and ready in the fridge.

“Breaking the internet” — 50x more likes than Kim K with a wine glass on her sacrum.

This was excellent news. An injection of free booze is always a surefire way to wean out the people who are on the fence about coming out. By surefire, I mean that if you can’t decide about whether you’re ready to cut up some big shapes on the dance floor, I’d say it’s much easier to make the right decision when you’re two drinks in.

The social vibes were fantastic, I’ve never been surrounded by a contingent of people that can socially slide from an intense game of magic the gathering to swapping stories from dating apps so effortlessly — surreal. This snowballed all the way on towards the final destination, blues kitchen. Timing the 9:00am free entry cut off time perfectly we swanned stylishly right into the tinnitus inducing tequila fuelled live brass band blues-fest. I somehow managed to miss the last train, but Ed, the saviour of the evening, let me crash on his couch (But not before we wandered around Whitechapel for 40 minutes looking for a kebab — unsuccesful if you were wondering)

Podcast of the Day: Freakonomics

Today was a thought experiment about Earth 2.0. The question was, if you could have a crack at rebuilding earth, knowing what is known today, what would you do differently?

The main interviewee was almost certainly the wrong choice. He was a seriously dry economics Nobel prize winner who flat-out refused to play ball with the question. This caused a sort of awkwardly humorously repetitive intellectual back and forth between the presenter and the interviewee. The initial question must have been rephrased about 5 times to try and entice man into the thought experiment and, like a child with a plate of Brussels sprouts, he was having none of it. Funny stuff, but ultimately not the best Freakonomics has to offer.

Paired with Pete:

He’s an exquisitely cheeky human with whom I share a number of fairly niche interests. The first is youtube. For me, the youtube journey began way back with my gcses, I wrote seriously questionable comedy sketches under the pseudonym ‘AllThingsY3llow’ as procrastination from revision. At 100 subscribers I was on top of the world. But Pete is top tier: he started up a Twitch TV (live-streaming) tutorial channel just before Christmas and now it’s snowballing at the rate of 100 subscribers a day! Madness!

The second common interest is matched betting (exploiting free promotional bets offered by bookies to ensure money gain). I made a couple of hundred as a quick cash injection at uni. However, Pete, once again, took it to the next level. He showed me a google drive spreadsheet of his matched betting history in its prime. It honestly, stalled my mac it was so vast. Hundreds and hundreds of cleverly placed bets netted this man a lot of mula. Obscenely impressive! He’s also the mastermind behind the animated snow in the therbrometer — a feat not to be sniffed at.

Ate At:

Tescos meal deal today — practical, efficient, coma-inducingly flavourless.

What I learnt

I feel like the majority of this blog is hinting that I slacked off a bit today, but I did actually manage to get some useful knowledge squeezed into the grey matter before undoing any good with beers.

The CSS box model

I’d sort of vaguely appreciated this before, but now I feel like I’m in a position to make the aesthetics of my apps just that teeny bit less awful.

You basically set up the positioning of your main boxes. Then you set up boxes in your boxes and arrange them into a juicy layout. Following on from this, you then arrange the boxes in your boxes in your boxes and so forth.

Flat icon

This is brilliant, it’s an enormous online resource of open source good looking icons for anyone to use.

Flamingo hard or Flamingo home.

Adobe Colour Picker

You give it an eyedrop colour and then it supplies you with swathes of complimentary colour scheme suggestions. It’s brilliant. Can help you build up visual appeal through colour with absolutely zero effort. Check it out here.

Who would have thought ‘dried vomit’ could produce such a pleasant blend of colours.

If you’ve made it this far,
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