Blockchain 2030: An Anthropology of Bitcoin

Nicholas Russell
Nov 9, 2018 · 35 min read

Where do you think we are?

A-Ha: Separate the moment of energy generation and consumption

Changing the mobility “protocol”

Blockchain iceberg

The third step in the innovation framework. What else can the new thing do?

The Silk Road: Global business: $0 to $500M in 2 years with 4 parts

From Prohibition to Circumvention

The Silk Road processed $500M of commerce

From start, to end of Bitcoin’s first global brand

Peak ICO: Beginning of end, or end of beginning?

Market volume consistently growing over ten years

Is blockchain a thing or not?

US stock market = high volatility in early adoption

Similar teething problems vs. pricing reality

Peak and fall to zero (GM, Bear Stearns, Enron, Worldcom)

Fibre development, from 1998–2002

Fire sale reduces price 66%, demand begins building

Fibre sale breaks business models

Exponentially growing data consumption; mobile = 7% of data traffic; growing 200% faster than broadband.

iPhone released when US mobile penetration = 95%

Last mover: iPhone launches into full market

Today, cryptocurrencies have .003% to .03% global market share.

Cryptocurrency market volume consistently growing over last ten years

3 blockchains; compounding global volumes

Ethereum: Open blockchain launched in 2015

XRP: Permissioned blockchain launched in 2016 and positioned as a global currency

Binance: 100 tradable assets on a 24x7 decentralised platform launched in 2017

Blockchain today = basic infrastructure for early adopters

Summary: Blockchain in 2018

Technology is no longer a single global race, but now a competition between blocs

Great Firewall vaults Chinese VC from European to American levels

GDPR begins closing the doors

Current paradigm shift

From bitcoins to blockchain applications

B2C is the fight for the wallet

Nicholas Russell

Written by

Founder / Speaker / Advisor. Currently, Project X NYC. Previously, @WeArePopUp, @Oxford

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