14 Website Audit Questions to Answer Today

Trying to decide what to do about your website? It’s no surprise: the digital world evolves so fast that websites created just a few years ago already feel outdated.

But just because you’re convinced you need a new website doesn’t mean your organization is ready to pull the trigger.

It can be frustrating when people outside of marketing don’t see the need for investing in a new website.

How do you overcome that? A smart website audit will give you proof that a relaunch can help your organization reach its goals.

Here are some website audit questions you need to answer as you start making the case for investment in a new website.

Design Website Audit Questions

Your website design and look and feel impacts how visitors experience your organization. It’s one of the most obvious reasons you want to relaunch your website. But remember that design is so much more than new colors and images. Answer these questions to uncover if there are gaps in your current website design:

1. Do your pages follow a few clean, consistent templates to help a reader digest information easily?
2. Do you incorporate visuals or graphics on most pages that help people understand your brand and what you do?
3. Is your website mobile-friendly?

User Experience Website Audit Questions

Your website probably makes sense to you. But does it make sense to prospects, customers or other key audiences? These groups don’t generally have inside knowledge of your organization’s jargon, products and structure, and are likely to leave the second they get confused. Evaluate how a user experiences your website by asking these questions:

4. How easily can someone who is unfamiliar with your site (like a friend or family member) find critical information on your site?
5. Are there any broken links on your site?
6. Do the terms and tone match the language and tone your customers (or target audience) use?

Website Analytics Audit Questions

Unlike many marketing tools, a website lets you measure the impact it’s having on your business. If you have Google Analytics on your site, you have a ton of great data to help you understand whether or not it’s working for your business. The trick is asking the right question. Here are a few you can start with:

7. What are the top search terms directing traffic to your site? What’s the split between branded keywords and non-branded keywords?
8. Are the pages you consider the most important for your organization the same as the top pages visited?
9. Where are people spending the most time, and how many different pages are they looking at?
10. What’s the path visitors are taking when visiting your site?

Content Website Audit Questions

Future customers, employees and partners may not know who you are, but good search-optimized content helps new people find your website and entice them to make you a trusted resource during their buyer’s journey. Consider the following to evaluate content performance:

11. Is each page optimized for a unique keyword that is important to your target audience?
12. Does the content on the page match what the searcher is looking for when they Google that term?
13. Are your pages written in a way that would resonate with your audience and make your organization easy to understand?
14. Do you have a call to action on most pages to drive users to learn more about a product, contact you, read another page, etc.?

By taking a critical look at all aspects of your website, you’ll be able to show your team how a website relaunch, based on sound strategy, can help you create a site that meets your goals.

Want to dive deeper? Get your Website Audit Checklist to evaluate your website more deeply, and help you justify a relaunch to your organization.

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