Back in the summer of 2017 as a new digital transformation manager, I was tasked with implementing a new ticketing and box office platform for 3 arts venues at Hampshire Cultural Trust to coincide with the launch of 6 new websites.

Considerable research indicated two leading ticketing suppliers in the arts sector: Ticketsolve and Spektrix. Both platforms were promoted as arts ticketing solutions, evident from their own marketing material and respective customers.

Subsequent customer testimonials and a thorough investigation into features suggested both would be suitable candidates for replacing our incumbent platform PatronBase.

This article details our decision making process…

Over the past 18 months I have been working as a digital transformation manager at Hampshire Cultural Trust, and I recently launched a new POS system across 15 of our venues.

This project was implemented alongside two new ticketing providers for museum admissions and arts events, plus the launch of six new websites and an online donations platform.

Subsequently our payments strategy (or lack of) was thrown into the project mix. This article explores just a few of the technical and financial considerations you’ll need to explore when approaching a POS, ticketing, website or ecommerce project.

If you’re new to…

Digital asset management (DAM) is a new area of technology which aims to solve increasingly frequent workflow problems across a range of business departments.

A DAM platform is typically a centralised database of photos, videos, documents and other related media files, including design assets, branding assets and brand guidelines.

A DAM platform helps with locating, manipulating and sharing digital media, which ultimately improves digital task efficiency. DAMs are also the single source of truth for the digital assets owned by an organisation.

Managing your digital assets is fundamental for the smooth day-to-day operation of your organisation. Particularly within the arts…

Workplace is a business collaboration tool operated by Facebook, with groups, messaging and instant chat for open and easy communication.

Workplace allows users quickly look up team members, post about their work, follow a feed of colleagues’ updates, discuss projects in groups or watch a live video broadcast by the leadership team. The tool also supports features such as screen-sharing, file sharing, message reactions, mentions and other typical social media content actions.

As part of an ongoing digital transformation strategy at Hampshire Cultural Trust, we rolled out Workplace as an upgrade for our intranet, primarily to:

  • Help create a culture…

As part of a new digital transformation strategy at Hampshire Cultural Trust, I recently completed the rollout of Vend POS across 15 arts and museum venues.

It’s important to note that Vend was not chosen to replace an existing platform: until very recently we had been relying on a fleet of ‘casio style’ tills, which had obvious limitations from daily operation to broad oversight and management.

The solution was clear: implement a multi-venue POS system to manage and analyse retail operations across our venues. Vend, a leading cloud-based point of sale software provider, was evidently a popular choice for multi-outlet…

This article will look at some of the ways in which brands are using shipping containers for marketing, advertising, and branding purposes — particularly in Europe and the USA.

It’s a fact that shipping containers are more readily being applied in architecture all over the world, and have been for some years. International brands such as Starbucks, Nike, and McDonald’s are using these structures for practical reasons, but also as a reflection of their PR message and brand association.

We’ll look at the current landscape, and why shipping containers have achieved so much traction over the past decade. The theoretical…

Nick Seagrave

Brand marketing and digital transformation specialist, based in Winchester, UK.

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