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When it comes to both GrubHub and UberEats, the fees they take out are expensive. Sometimes as high as 40% just for delivery which leaves the restaurant with little profit. While restaurants are struggling, companies like GrubHub eat away at restaurant profits, making more and more money while restaurants go out of business.

Alternatives to Restaurant Delivery

Let’s face it, a service like GrubHub can charge a lot of money because they have drivers in place all over the country. Replicating that is hard and would require having your own drivers.

However, the best way to reduce customers using delivery is to improve your…

Trying to offer curbside as a business has had its challenges. I’ve always told customers that curbside is available, but making the process automated and streamlined was always a problem. The previous system was, have a customer call when they arrive and then I would come out with the items.

Why I Decided To Pick a Curbside Pickup Platform
In the past, not enough customers had been using pickup services so I didn’t really see the need to change up what I was doing. …

Curbside is the hot new thing and it’s not just the Covid virus that is making it so popular. Imagine not having to leave your car in order to pickup your items? Imagine that any business could have a “drive-thru” from dry cleaners to even pet stores?

Want to add Curbside or even just an online store?

CurbAware announced that they are offering free signups with minimal cover charges for each customer that books within their app. That means that businesses can join with absolutely no risk and start adding revenue.

Creating an Online Curbside Store With CurbAware

Creating a store and having it online can take as little as 5 minutes. An example of how an online store or restaurant would work is: Big Burger Co.

The name of the real company in this case has been change to “The Company”.


“The Company”’s main problem is running an affiliate program that wasn’t effective. Despite giving out promotions and offering a promotion in which users can refer their friends, it wasn’t increasing usage further beyond the initial trial. With this information we were also given a set of barriers which included no budget for external merchandising, advertising, or extra materials to aid in our research.


The first step toward creating a successful analysis of the situation was gathering and analyzing all the current data available…

Amazon faces a problem in Europe. Despite being a recognizable brand, it is having trouble gaining the same kind of foothold in the apparel and shoe industry as it has in the United States. While it does have a high market share of the clothing and shoes industry in the United States, it struggles in Europe. In Western Europe, it has a market share of 22 percent overall but just 8 percent market share in footwear and apparel. How can it improve its market share in Europe? …

Nick Skeba

I write digital marketing strategies and trends to improve my own approach to customer acquisition. Visit to read my strategy research.

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