How I Prepare My Conference Talks
Adrian Kosmaczewski

This is a gold mine, I am definitely going to take this post to pieces well before my next presentation. It’s nice to hear that even after years of experience you’re as nervous as the rest of us; that you still need to practice over and over; and best of all, that you have so many tricks to help us beginners out! I also practice so much before my talks, but still feel like it’s never enough. And guess what? Turns out it isn’t enough! I don’t spend anywhere near the amount of time that you do to prepare my talks, and it shows.

It’s so cool that you’re open about your process, so many artists are reluctant to give out their ‘secret sauce’ in fear of a ‘dilution’ of the mystery and effect — like a magician never explaining his tricks. But you, in line with your ‘best selling’ post, are indeed transparent and open. Bravo.

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