Why We Give Up On Goals

We’ve all done it. The new year rolls around and we start looking to set goals for the upcoming year ahead. Yet, more than half of us fail to actually achieve the goal we set out for… and even scarier — just under 50% of people have NEVER accomplished any of the goals they have set for themselves at the beginning of a New Year. We complain year after year that we didn’t accomplish our goals and it becomes kind of a joke really. “Did you achieve your goals this year” “Haha” *Downs glass of champagne*. Why is it that we do this?

We Set Unrealistic Goals For Ourselves

If you wake up January 1st and say “I’m going to make a million dollars this year” and you’re currently unemployed.. that’s likely not going to happen. We tend to think that a year is a long time to achieve a goal so we make the goal something extremely big. We make it very difficult for ourselves to accomplish. Although we may actually try for the first couple weeks or months, we start to realize that it’s just not going to happen. Start with small goals — you will feel a lot more fulfilled with having achieved smaller, more realistic goals. This in fact leads to the next point.

We Fail To Plan

As Sir Winston Churchill says “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”. This could not be more true. When you set a goal, you need to have a plan associated with that. You can’t just wake up every morning and wing it, you are almost 100% guaranteed to fail. Stemming from the last point, if you can set small monthly goals, you are more likely to achieve that big one at the end. Each month you have something to strive for, taking you closer to your ultimate goals. One thing you should ask yourself each day, before every decision you make — “is this taking me closer to my goal or pulling me further away?”. This simple question will allow you to make better decisions and will give you much higher chances at achieving what you set out to get.

Taking time to develop a plan will make all the difference. As an example, if you are into bodybuilding and need to eat 5 meals per day, it would be smart to plan to cook your meals ahead of time. Trying to cook 5 meals every day is not feasible for most people. But you can’t achieve your goal if you don’t consume enough food — so failing to plan is planning to fail. Planning out how you are going to accomplish a goal will help you set guidelines in order to fulfill it. This is hands down the number 1 reason why we as humans disappoint ourselves by December 31st. Break down your goal into months and days — little victories make a big difference.

Don’t forget that you should set goals that you’re going to have fun with too. Set specific goals, make sure you can measure them, make them attainable, ensure they’re realistic and time based. They are how we better ourselves as humans. A goal without a plan is just a dream!