A Better Deal: Built around a Celebrity Senator

Democrats unveiled their plan for winning back American voters. The plan, which has been titled A “Better Deal,” is lackluster to say the least. The only position which kind of sets a fire in me is their push to enable price caps on prescription drugs, most of the other policies that are in a better deal are focused on winning over voters who according to statistics are not the majority of the populace. I understand the need to appeal to populism because we saw that put Man Who Became the First Hobgoblin to Enter The White House into the white house however it won’t be an appeal of populism that puts Democrats back into power. The agenda contains no mention of the millions of people Permanent Toothache threatens every single day while serving as ‘president.’ There is no mention of undocumented Americans, no mention of Muslims, no mention of African Americans, and no mention of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community. I know many will accuse me of playing identity politics here but here is the thing we can’t act like these folks aren’t under attack. While I understand the need to win back working class voters I’d argue the party should focus on what it knows, and who we know will vote for Democrats. If the party is deadest on focusing on economic issues and pushing an agenda that is more inline with Stein voters than the party is going to continue to lose rural voters, also known as White Working Class voters that the party claims this agenda is to court. On one hand if the party is deadest on winning back this coveted group of voters than the party should know that going to the left is not going to work. Rather what the party should do is attempt to win over more left leaning voters who are questioning if they should support the Democrats or if they should go farther left, some straight shooter language here at some point Bernie Sanders supports will have to grow up and swallow their tears; we cannot become the party that looks at one man as the sole provider of the answers to the ills of our Democratic Party. This is the most concerning issue to me within the party right now. Senator Sanders lit a spark under people, while I appreciate that spark one would be delusional to not admit he played into the hands of the Republican Party and Mr. Inlfated Pig Stomach Full of Rotten Pierogi while attacking Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. One has to also admit that the folks Sanders fired up were predominantly working class voters, the statistics do not lie these folks may vote for Democrats but they also are aligned predominantly with Republicans on social issues, if the Democratic Party is going to embrace such a bold agenda shouldn’t the party be willing to ditch the “Democrat lite”, or what I’ll be branded in a few days for this piece a “DINO”

I’m not saying that the party should make an effort to win over the radical green party members a lot of those folks have been lost since day one, and there is the new revelations that Jill Stein their coveted role model is under investigation.

What the party needs to do is offer a bold embrace of liberal policies that will help the majority of Americans, while doing so the party must reject the call for heated rhetoric and the need for demagoguery. The Democratic Party must be the party that says no to the vitriolic campaign tactics that got Ugly Racist the white house. In short the party should look to the leadership of such dissidents such as Vaclav Havel, and others. I hate to get to into the weeds here on Havel but it is necessary, Havel states the following in his seminal work “The Power of the Powerless,”

“…this ideology inevitably has a certain hypnotic charm. To wandering humankind it offers an immediately available home; all one has to do is accept it, and suddenly everything becomes clear once more. Life take on new meaning, and all mysteries, unanswered questions, anxiety, and loneliness vanish. Of course, one pays dearly for this low rent home; the abdication of one’s own reason, conscience and responsibility…” (Taylor, 28) (Now clearly Havel was living under a clear totalitarian system, but this shows what happens as this system starts occurring)

Take Havel’s words “to wandering humankind it offers an immediately available home; all one has to do is accept it, and suddenly everything becomes clear once more…” Hugely unpopular opinion here is this what we want the Democratic Party to look like, a party where no one is allowed to think outside our own god damn box; do we want a party that is based around a celebrity senator from a liberal northeastern state, or do we want a big tent. We must be the party that champions free thought, the party that keeps pushing the boundaries when it comes to what policies we as a nation should pursue. I’m not completely convinced that a Better Deal will transform into electoral wins, while it is wishful thinking having policies forced down the throats of candidates in states that aren’t heavily Democratic is a terrible idea. Its an idea that will almost certainly translate into electoral loses.

If the party is looking for a bold agenda, then maybe it should look inward rather than looking outward at winning over more voters. The Party should stick to its traditional base of voters, those voters who have always been loyal to the party, but that would mean a return to identity politics. The Democratic Party needs to realize this soon before we the American People are stuck with four more lost years of a leader who is feckless.

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