Alexander-Murray: Some Thoughts

So any plan to stabilize the Affordable Care Act should be welcomed, but this one has one big flag it allows for an accelerated waiver program. The waivers are a major selling point for Republicans, but it’s what these waivers could do to people in Republican controlled states. For example would these waivers allow state governors to allow insurance companies to sell plans that don’t meet minimum guidelines as currently outlined under the Affordable Care Act. This is a major question that needs to be answered, and it’s something that should caution Democrats from swooning over this bipartisan fix. Certainly the nation needs a fix to raising premiums, the bipartisan fix restores the cost sharing reduction payments for poor Americans to afford health coverage.

No no one has seen the the final text so some of these questions could be resolved when the final text is released.

No Links Today Instead Go Download Biden’s Briefing and give it a listen.

Something to ponder: Should Democrats help the Republicans stabilize the Insurance Markets or should Democrats let the Republicans own the disaster they’ve created…

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